One of the Saudi companies specialized in the supply, installation, operation and maintenance of medical equipment and laboratories



ARKAN one of the leading Saudi companies specialized in supply laboratories, scientific & education equipment and a wide range of chemicals, our products cover a wide variety of analytical instruments including laboratory furniture, we cover the market sectors of petrochemicals, food industries. With our experience, we can take full responsibility for the project from design, procurement, implementation, and access to final delivery, so we can deliver the project by the turnkey system

Our Vision

The leading and first company in providing medical and scientific solutions

Our Mission

Providing the best in high-quality medical, scientific and laboratory technologies, to enable our clients to make our country and the world healthier, safer and better quality and help them accelerate their research in various life sciences to solve complex analytical challenges.

Our Values

Core values of work, integration, innovation, responsibility, quality

Services & Products

What does ARKAN offer you from services and products ?

Our technical expertise goes beyond product knowledge and choice, helping us deliver quality services and products when and where you need them.


Private Sector

Public Sector

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